American Green

American Green

The American Pest Control Five-Star Protection Plan is guaranteed to be green. But what does that mean? Lots of companies are making "green" claims these days just to be fashionable. And sometimes labeling a product or service green is "code" for more expensive, or less effective.

At American Pest Control green is all about value. It's about protecting your home against harmful pests like roaches, fire ants, and termites. And, it's about embracing technologies that make us more efficient; like fuel efficient vehicles, GPS routing, and paperless billing-just to name a few. It also means using proven products like theSentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System which use environmentally friendly methods to protect your home from pests and termites.

But our commitment to green doesn't end there. We recycle, carpool and have opened new service centers all across Northeast Georgia to cut down on energy use. All this takes effort and diligence, but the result is that we can offer better value to you while reducing our carbon footprint.


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