Fall Pest Prevention


We often hear that pests are not a problem when the weather cools down. Customers tell us that they do not need service during the winter months. Once they cancel service they end up calling right back in a few weeks to start their service back up. Many pests seek a warmer climate during the winter and there is nothing more inviting than your cozy home! The most common winter pests are roaches, spiders, scorpions and rodents. Fall and winter are also the most common times for wildlife critters to make nests in your attic or crawl space. So what do you need to know about fall and winter pest prevention?

10 Things Your Pest Control Technician Really Wants You to Know

#1. You can help us help you! If you take the suggestions made to you regarding the maintenance of your home following our visit, you will see quicker results. These suggestions may include things like removing debris, vacuuming on a specific schedule or correcting a moisture issue, such as plumbing or drainage problems.