Proud Partners in Education

Here at American Pest Control, we have been supporting families, communities, and education for over 46 years. For as long as our doors have been open, we’ve seen the value and importance of supporting community schools and youth in our communities. Our employees are passionate about Partners in Education programs and have helped us focus on more ways of reaching out to schools over the years. You’ve probably heard about theĀ Gene Higginbotham Scholarship Application that was introduced in 2016, but we’d love to share some of the other ways we have gotten involved with Partners in Education!

Even When it’s Cold Outside, Termites Keep Working

The new year has brought with it chilly temperatures and new ambitions. As you consider your resolutions, does protecting your home make it on to the list? Whether you’re a new homeowner or just revisiting the needs of your established home, termite control is not something to take lightly. Unfortunately for homeowners, we live in a region where termite activity is inevitable. Although warm weather and lots of rain can create the most ideal environment for termites to thrive, they stick around during cold seasons as well. That’s why we have created a winter campaign to educate our customers and potential customers about the threats that termites pose to your home.