5 Ways You Could Be Attracting Termites to Your Home

You’d never invite termites over to munch on your home, but you could be inadvertently hosting an open house for termite brunch.  American Pest Control and the National Pest Management Association are working to spread public awareness during Termite Awareness Week, March 7-13, 2021 about the extensive damage these pests can cause to homes. This annual observance is the time to highlight the estimated $5 billion in property damage termites cause in the U.S. each year—damage that is typically not covered by homeowners insurance.

To help prevent an infestation before it begins, we’re sharing some of the ways you could be attracting termites to your home and how to stop them before it’s too late.

You can keep your property protected from termites by doing your best to avoid:

  1. Stacking firewood near the home. Firewood is especially attractive to termites, and having it too close to the home can attract them inside. Be sure to store firewood at least 20 feet from the home and five feet off of the ground.
  2. Improper drainage. Termites love water and clogged gutters offer the perfect opportunity to collect moisture. Black and White Round Container on Brown Wooden WallDivert rainwater away from the foundation of your home using down-spout extenders and be sure to regularly clear your gutters of leaves and debris.
  3. Excess mulch. Although mulch can provide a beautiful touch to your yard, it serves as a meal for termites and also retains water. Minimize the use of mulch and be sure to keep it at least 15 inches from the foundation of the home.
  4. Trees growing near the home. Tree limbs and leaves can provide a pathway to your home for termites seeking a new colony location.
  5. Excess wood throughout the yard. Any rotting wood material is an easy meal for termites, so be sure to remove any logs or tree stumps from your property.

Check out our post about termite swarmers to prepare for swarmer season in the South! For more information about termites, or to contact a licensed pest control professional, please visit www.ampest.com.

It actually IS easy being green!

Mosquito season is officially upon us. While most backyard barbecues won’t kick-off for a few more months, mosquitos are already gearing up to give us a run for our money this year. American Pest Control has helped customers take back their yards with our “Nosquito” service for 50 years.
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Mosquito season around here lasts from March through October. We start servicing early to set a great foundation for the rest of the year. When we treat the adults before they fully emerge for the year, we can help ensure that they never do. This is also a great time for a full inspection. Prevention is the best form of mosquito control. Our expert technicians will look for breeding sites and communicate how they can be eliminated.
We offer two options for mosquito reduction. Our traditional mosquito reduction program includes a visit once per month for eight months plus follow-up treatments whenever you need them. A certified technician will look for any standing water during those visits since it is a prime location for mosquitoes to breed. This could include outdoor toys, pots and gardening equipment, tires, and other debris; essentially anywhere where an inch or so of water can puddle. Did you know even a bottle cap full of water is enough room for mosquitoes to breed? When we eliminate standing water, we eliminate breeding grounds around your yard and reduce mosquito populations. From here, your technician will begin the treatment. They will use a backpack blower to spray mosquito resting areas and put a product out to eliminate larva where the water cannot be removed. The technician will never spray flowering plants or edible vegetation. This protects pollinators, non-target pests, and you!
Our second option for mosquito reduction is our Botanical Mosquito Program. This service includes two monthly visits. It begins the same way, with the thorough inspection, followed by a treatment. The difference lies in the product used. American Pest Control uses Essentria, a rosemary essential-oil based, organic product.
This is labeled as having no effect on non-target species. This product is applied with the same caution and care as traditional products; however, the residual is shorter. This means it will not linger as long and needs to reapplied more often. Whether you opt for traditional or botanical mosquito reduction, one thing is for sure: Mosquitos won’t know the difference. Once they hear American Pest Control is on the scene, they will know to hang out somewhere else. This year, take back your yard and give American Pest Control a call to schedule a free inspection today