Southern Winter Weather Creates Perfect Storm for Termite Activity

There are a lot of moving parts to being a homeowner and many things to stay on top of throughout the year. One often overlooked aspect of home ownership is termite prevention and protection. Did you know that termites cause approximately $5 billion worth of damage to structures in the United States each year and is not covered by homeowner’s insurance? Meanwhile, tornadoes cause approximately $6.3 million worth of damage each year, a fraction of the amount of damage done by termites. The map below shows that Georgia is one of the states with the heaviest termite activity.

In Georgia this year we experienced a very mild winter and spring is expected to be wet and warm. This creates the perfect storm for termite activity! So how can you prevent termites from attacking your home? There are a few strategies to make your home less appealing to these persistent pests.

  • Do not use wood mulch around the foundation of your home.
  • Remove old tree stumps from your yard.
  • Refrain from stacking firewood near your home.
  • Do not try DIY products for termites. Termites are a pest that require professional treatment to be correctly eradicated.
  • Always use treated wood when installing fencing or any other wood structures against or near your home.
  • If you add on to your home, add on to your termite plan as well. Do not leave your expansion untreated.
  • Reduce wood-to-earth contact, such as the deck around your home.

What are some signs that you already have a termite problem?

  • Wood damage


  • Termite Mud Tunnels


  • Swarming Termites


Finally, how can you protect your home from termites? American Pest Control has you covered! There are two types of termite protection: liquid treatment and bait stations. We offer free inspections to determine whether or not you have any termite activity, previous or active. A technician will then present you with a free estimate for treatment. Call today to protect your greatest investment, your home!


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