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Can Mice Travel With You When You Move House?


Mice are notorious wild animals that can be a big problem to get rid of when they get into your home. These small creatures are able to use any tiny hole to access the house in order to look for food, warmth, and shelter for survival.

Thus, it is necessary to take precautions when moving house so that you avoid a mouse infestation in your new home.

Can Mice Travel With You When You Move House?

Mice can travel from one house to another and they are very smart when it comes to hiding. They can hide in furniture like sofas, beds, and closets, and will create a comfortable nest for themselves and their babies.

When you move house, you most likely don’t even realize that there might be rodents hiding in your storage boxes, bags, and containers. They create a cozy nest in sofas and armchairs mostly because they find soft and warm fabrics, foam, stuffing inside.

These pests can reproduce while nesting in there and will have many young ones at once. Keep in mind that is not wise to poison the mice nesting in the sofa because it can cause serious health problems in people. The best way is to set up traps where these rodents go for their food and water.

Can They Survive The Move?

When you relocate to a new house, the mice will also travel together with you. Once in your new house, these animals will have to learn about their new surroundings and ways to find food and water.

Provided there is enough food, the new environment will automatically suit the rodents and they will be able to survive there. However, a relocated mouse may find it hard to survive in the new environment and may not survive if there is not enough food and water in the new location. If it’s not able to find anything to eat or drink, it’s going to eventually die.

How Do Mice Get Into The House?

Mice are clever, inquisitive, determined, and opportunistic, thus, they will search for tiny openings and cracks to squeeze through in search of food. For this reason, it’s important to take care of small gaps in the house structure to ensure that mice are not getting inside.

They can climb the ladders, walls, cables, and can swim through the water pipes to get indoors. These Athens rodents can quickly adapt to the new environment that is your new home if they can easily hide and find a meal. On top of that, they can be very destructive because they can easily damage your belongings, furniture, clothes, and food supplies.

Surprisingly, mice can potentially come up through the toilet. They can also enter into a home through the bathtub drain and sink if the drainage is not properly sealed. They can access through windows, ceilings, and walls as well because they’re able to climb rough vertical surfaces.

Because of their small size, they can squeeze themselves through a small, 1/4 inch gap. They will sneak in very small spaces as they have a sharp sense of smell, hearing, and touch which enables them to find food and be difficult to trap. Since human housing is the best place for these rodents in terms of shelter and food, they hide very well and usually come out at night or in dim light.

They are most attracted to messy and cluttered homes because they can easily get into rubbish, get scattered food and various materials to build nests. They will also get inside clean and tidy houses, although they don’t favor them as much as unkempt houses.

Thus, if you want to avoid a mice infestation in your home, take the time to finish unpacking from your recent move as soon as possible. If you leave your unpacked possessions still sitting in the attic, garage, or in an undisturbed corner of your house, these rodents will get a perfect place to make a nest.

Your new home is supposed to be a place where you can relax, and feel comfortable and safe. This may be difficult to do if you suspect that you have mice roaming around your clean house. If you think there might be a mice infestation, don’t hesitate to call the exterminators at American Pest Control in Athens, GA, for a free inspection or an estimate on our rodent control services.

Can They Hide And Travel In Furniture, Boxes, Or Bags?

Don’t be surprised that mice can follow you, travel in your belongings, and move with you into your new house. This is because they squeeze into your boxes and bags that they find to be warm, cozy, and dark.

Mice can climb surfaces up to about 79 inches and jump up to 9.5 inches in height, which means they could jump and climb from one item to another with ease to find shelter. They are capable of climbing and jumping any smooth and rough surface, which makes it easy for them to travel to new locations.

It is very easy to notice the presence of these rodents in the house when you hear strange noises and see mysterious holes in the boxes. Additionally, there is a probability of spotting chewed clothes and shredded papers when you start unpacking in your new home. They will do this to build a comfy nest for themselves. Mice will also leave their droppings anywhere in the house.

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