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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Pest Control

    • What do you look for when you inspect my home? What are the signs of a pest infestation?
      With a termite inspection, we are looking for pin holes in sheetrock, mud tunnels, or visible termite damage. With a pest inspection, we are looking for dead insects, entry points, and conditions that would increase pest harborage.
    • How do I tell the difference in Flying Ants and Termite Swarmers?
      Termites have straight antennae, a full cigar shaped body, and 2 pairs of equal length wings. Flying Ants have elbowed antennae, an hour glass shaped body, and 2 pair of wings of unequal length. It is always best to contact a professional to eradicate the problem, whether it be ants or termites.
    • What is the difference in a Liquid Treatment and a Bait Treatment?
      A Liquid Treatment requires a liquid termiticide application to the soil in critical areas creating a barrier between the ground and the house. A Bait Treatment requires placing monitoring stations around the house that contain bait within them 24/7/365 to eliminate the termite colony.
    • What is the difference in Pest Control and Termite Control? Why doesn't Pest Control include Termites?
      Pest Control covers those pests that live above the ground in your home, while Termite Control covers termites that live under ground. The treatments for pests and termites have different procedures and techniques.
    • What is an Official Waiver? Why do we need to sign one?
      American Pest Control company provides an Official Waiver for termite or pest control. It is a form used when it is not possible or practical to do some aspect of the treatment to State standards. You should only sign an Official Waiver if you agree that the pest treatment can not be performed to State standards.
    • Why don't you come inside my home on every pest control visit?
      90% of the insects inside your home came from outside your home. Therefore, by treating the outside we are stopping them from entering all together.
    • Will the products you use harm my pets?
      All of the products we use are formulated for cold-blooded insects, and when properly applied, should not pose any threat to your pets.
    • Will there be any odor after you treat?
      Some products do have an odor. The odor is not the product itself but the emulsifiers added by the manufacturer to allow the products to be mixed with water.
    • How safe are the products you use?
      All products used by American Pest Control are EPA approved and technicians apply all products as directed by the label.