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American Pest Control was founded in 1971 by Mr. Gene Higginbotham, an Oconee County native. Mr. Higginbotham worked for a national chain pest control company for several years, travelling with his family to work in cities across the US. After climbing the ranks within the company, he became more disappointed with their lackluster attitude toward customer service and decided to branch out on his own. He and his family returned to Athens, GA and American Pest Control was born. Kathy Hollin and Doug Craft joined him soon after he opened the company’s doors on November 15th, 1971 and remain employed with the company to this day. The first location was on Atlanta Highway just across the street from the Georgia Square Mall. In the 1980s, the building which still serves as the company’s headquarters was constructed at 3145 Atlanta Highway.

Rare Sighting of Drywood Termites in Athens, GA

Termites are a common threat to homes in the South, with Eastern Subterranean termites being the most common in Northeast Georgia. American Pest Control has been servicing homes in the area since 1971 and their technicians are highly trained in insect identification. When 2018 Technician of the Year, Andy Deutsch, spotted a drywood termite in the Five Points area of Athens, he knew he had encountered something different. With the assistance of termite manager and long-time employee, David Butler and Dr. Brian Forschler of the UGA Entomology department, the insect was positively identified as a West Indian drywood termite. After discovering the infestation, Andy noted “I was absolutely shocked to find the species in this part of Georgia, especially being a structural infestation and not just in a piece of furniture.”

American Pest Control Hosts Tax Day Event

Nothing is certain but death and taxes. American Pest Control hosted a termite memorial service on Tax Day as part of the Sentricon™ Deader than Dead national tour. “We were honored to be included in Sentricon’s national tour to increase termite awareness” said Laurie Higginbotham, President and CEO of American Pest Control.

Deader Than Dead Tour Tackles the Termite Threat in Athens

While a 7-foot termite strapped to the roof of a hearse may seem fearsome, those who have dealt with the dangers of actual termites up close know the real threat is much larger. Millions of homeowners risk losing billions of dollars in property damage this year. Some will lose their homes altogether. Against this unseen termite threat, the best defense is awareness.

Termite Mad Lib

We hope you learned some things during Termite Awareness week from our blog and social media posts! While we take educating our customers and the public about termite damage very seriously, we always like to take time to have fun. Enjoy this Termite Mad Lib digital download and have some fun creating silly stories with your family and friends!

Pest Forecast: What’s Coming Up?

With Spring quickly approaching, are you ready for the threat of termite swarmers? The most destructive pest we encounter is on its way, unfortunately. Termites are responsible for more damage than all natural disasters combined and cause more than $5 billion worth of damage each year.


The smell of pine, the sound of your favorite Christmas carol, the feel of the snow beneath your feet (well, not in Georgia). These are all things we might associate with that precious moment, once a year, when we bring in the famed Christmas Tree. However, you may not be the only one singing “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches”.

Squirrels for the Holidays

It is that time of the year again. The Holidays. That means it’s time for Pumpkin Pie and Apple Cider, as well as warm sweaters and out of town guests. However, your great aunt Martha may not be the only guest you have this season.

Best of the Best – Thank you, Athens!

Gene Higginbotham founded American Pest Control in November 1971 after many years in the pest control industry. He used his experience and wisdom to build a company that always puts the customer’s needs first, creating a family owned business that has thrived for over 46 years. His children, Laurie and Scott, now continue the mission their father began by serving every client with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Exceptional customer service paired with the most efficient technology has provided American Pest Control with the tools to become one of Northeast Georgia’s largest family-owned pest control companies. Now, American Pest Control operates 8 additional service centers across Northeast Georgia and South Carolina. Services provided include pest control, termite control, fire ant management, mosquito reduction, wood infestation reports, and wildlife trapping and exclusion.

2018 Gene Higginbotham Memorial Scholarship Recipients

American Pest Control introduced the Gene Higginbotham Memorial Scholarship in May 2016. Gene Higginbotham founded American Pest Control in 1971. He valued family, education, and community as top priorities for his company. Mr. Higginbotham passed away on August 30th, 2015 and the scholarship was created in his honor by family and employees to continue his legacy. For American Pest Control’s 45th anniversary year, the scholarship was awarded to children of American Pest Control employees who graduated in May 2016. This Spring the scholarship was offered to all local students for the second year!


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