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Bed Bugs

Commercial Bed Bug Control in Athens, GA

Commercial Bed Bug Management in All of Georgia and Western North Carolina and UpsatSouth Carolina

Everyone knows bed bugs are bad for business. Whether you run a hotel, school, theater, or multi-family home, the presence of these pests can jeopardize your operations and make things miserable for your customers and staff. Even more frustratingly, you can still end up with a bed bug infestation after making every effort to avoid an invasion. 

When these pests strike, you can count on our experienced team for commercial bed bug control in Athens, GA. At American Pest Control, we recognize what bed bugs mean for a business and are committed to removing them as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our responsive and licensed technicians understand how to effectively eliminate infestations in many types of commercial settings and can also recommend proactive measures – including mattress encasements – that can provide additional protection against future bed bug problems.

Do not wait to request a free inspection and estimate if you think your business may be dealing with bed bugs. Call (706) 702-4532 or contact us online today!

How Bed Bugs Infiltrate Businesses

Bed bugs can easily invade businesses of all kinds by hitching a ride on clothing or luggage. Employees, customers, or vendors unknowingly carrying these pests can facilitate their entrance into your business environment, even if you have done everything possible to maintain cleanliness and prevent pest infestations.

Once inside, bed bugs are experts at hiding and multiplying quickly. They prefer to stay close to human feeding sources and will typically settle in areas that offer safety and accessibility to hosts. This means they often find their way into furniture, carpeting, wall cracks, and other secluded spots. In businesses like hotels or hostels, they can frequently be found in beds and bedding, as they feed on human blood predominantly at night. 

Furthermore, these pests can move from room to room through wall voids and utility pipes or even be carried from one area to another on people and their belongings. In office buildings and similar environments, they might hide in chairs, desks, or electronic equipment. In high-traffic areas, bed bugs can easily spread and establish multiple colonies.

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Signs Your Business May Have a Bed Bug Problem

Ignoring a potential bed bug infestation in any commercial setting can have serious repercussions, impacting not only your business operations but also the business’s reputation. Bed bugs are more than just a nuisance. Their bites can cause discomfort and even allergic reactions in some individuals. Employees or customers discovering these pests or experiencing these symptoms could lead to negative publicity, damaging your business reputation and customer trust. Hiring trusted professionals to immediately eliminate a potential infestation demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy environment. It also prevents the infestation from growing larger. 

Turn to our skilled technicians for commercial bed bug control in Athens, GA, if you spot any of the following warning signs of an infestation:

  • Live or dead bed bugs. Finding live or dead bed bugs on your premises is the most obvious sign of an infestation. These pests have a distinct, flat, oval shape and are usually reddish-brown in color. 
  • Shed skins. As bed bugs grow, they molt and shed their exoskeletons. Discovering these tiny, light-brown skins in crevices or hidden areas can be a sign of an infestation.
  • Bed bug eggs or eggshells. Bed bug eggs are tiny – about the size of a pinhead – and are white in color. 
  • Small blood stains. These are often a result of bed bugs being crushed after feeding. They might be found on sheets, furniture, or other areas where people sit or lie down.
  • Fecal spots. Bed bugs leave behind small black or dark brown spots from their excrement. These spots can often be found on bedding, furniture, or walls.
  • Bite marks on people. Unexplained bites or red itchy welts on employees or customers can be a sign of a bed bug problem. 
  • Unpleasant odor. A large infestation may produce a musty odor, often compared to the smell of a wet towel.

How We Approach Commercial Bed Bug Infestations

At American Pest Control, we take a comprehensive and systematic approach to managing commercial bed bug infestations. The initial step involves a thorough inspection. Our highly trained professionals will meticulously examine your premises, using sophisticated equipment to detect the presence of these elusive pests even in the most hidden corners. We understand the habits and life cycle of bed bugs, which enables us to identify their hiding spots and accurately assess the severity of infestation. This process allows us to design a targeted and effective pest control strategy.

Next, we develop a detailed treatment plan tailored to your specific situation. Understanding that every business environment is unique, we consider factors such as the size of your premises, the extent of the infestation, and the nature of your business operations when designing our plan. Our elimination strategies are aligned with industry best practices, and we will walk you through what we plan to do and why before moving forward. 

We understand the urgency of addressing a bed bug problem to avoid any further business disruption. That is why we aim to carry out our inspection and treatment procedures with minimal interruption to your operations. Our team works efficiently and discretely, ensuring your business retains a professional image throughout the process.

Finally, we follow up on our treatment to ensure its effectiveness. We conduct post-treatment inspections to verify the complete elimination of bed bugs and offer ongoing support and advice to keep your commercial space free of bed bugs in the future. 

Mattress Encasements Can Help Protect Businesses in the Hospitality Industry

Hotels, hostels, and other businesses in the hospitality industry are especially susceptible to bed bug infestations due to the high volume of human traffic coming and going from their premises. Consequently, proactive measures, like the use of mattress encasements, are incredibly beneficial in commercial bed bug control in Athens, GA.

Mattress encasements serve as an effective barrier between bed bugs and their feeding sources – humans. They are specifically designed covers that envelop the entire mattress, preventing bed bugs from infiltrating it. Bed bugs prefer to reside close to their food sources, and mattresses are one of the most common sites of infestation in hospitality businesses. By utilizing a quality mattress encasement, you can effectively deny bed bugs access to this preferred hiding and breeding spot.

Even better, mattress encasements are beneficial in detecting an early infestation. Bed bugs are extremely small and great at hiding, making them difficult to spot, particularly in the initial stages of an infestation. As mattress encasements are typically light in color and provide a smooth surface, they can make it easier to spot signs of bed bugs. Early detection is crucial in preventing a small problem from escalating.

If you have questions about what mattress encasement can do for your business or need help dealing with a possible infestation, do not hesitate to call (706) 702-4532 or contact us online!

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