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Are House Spiders In Georgia Dangerous?

house spider

Most of the house spiders that are common in Georgia do not pose much danger to humans. They sometimes venture indoors by accident and usually wander around the house looking for an ideal place to live where there is food and water. Also, most of them are not deadly or aggressive to humans. Instead, they try to stay out of the man’s way as much as possible.

However, the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow spiders, commonly found in Georgia, are two of the few species that are dangerous to people. Some other house spiders can bite in defense but shouldn’t cause any serious issues for you.

The state of Georgia has a warm and humid climate that is a haven for nearly 40 different species of spiders. These different species of spiders might find their way into your house, and while they are typically peaceful, there’s still a lot we don’t know about them.

Besides the aforementioned Black Widows and Brown Recluse, some of the most common house spiders you might encounter in your Northeast Georgia home, include the False Black Widow spider, Brown Widow, Wolf spider, Daddy Longlegs, Hobo spider, Jumping spider, Yellow Sac spider, Orb Weaver spider, Crevice spider, Domestic house spider, Lynx spider, Trapdoor spider, and Yellow Garden spider.

Keep reading to find out more about the common house spiders in Georgia and how our home pest control services in Georgia can help!

Is It Safe To Handle A House Spider?

Whenever you come across a spider in your house, there’s always the urge to kill it. Even though the house spider is not likely to pose a threat, still, it doesn’t look nice at home.

There are different ways you can get rid of a spider in your house. If your only issue is that it is in your room and you are not scared of it, then take the time and carefully capture it. Once you do this, you can then release it outside, some distance away from your house. This way, both parties are content and happy.It is usually safe to handle a common house spider with proper care, as most of them are not poisonous and rarely bite. However, make sure to check whether your spider is venomous before handling it. You can research online or call a pest exterminator such as American Pest Control who will be happy to offer advice and, if need be, help you safely remove the spider from your house.

Can A House Spider Hurt Or Kill You?

Most common house spiders are harmless and they are not willing to hurt you. We as humans are more of a threat to house spiders than they are to us.

However, as mentioned earlier, it’s also essential that you learn what type of spider is in your house. By finding this out, you can know whether it is venomous or not. Only a venomous spider can really harm you and even lead to death due to the venom they release.

If you come across a venomous spider, trap it and kill it outside your house. This way, you get rid of the spider, and when you do, be on the lookout for more spiders as there might be others lurching at you in the house.

Do House Spiders Bite Humans?

The chances of a house spider biting a human are minimal and this is not something that happens frequently. The only way it can bite a human is if it’s provoked, and even then, the bite happens if you press it on your skin or try to squash it. Feeling the need to save itself, it does everything possible to survive, thus the bite.

If a house spider bites you, the chances are that the reaction you get is going to be barely noticeable. However, those individuals who are sensitive to insect bites can get red bumps on the bitten area of the skin or even a serious allergic reaction, and once this happens, they should seek medical attention immediately. You should also take a picture of the spider that has bitten you and show it to your doctor. Doing this allows the doctor to easily know the kind of treatment and medication to give you.

How Do You Know If A House Spider Is Poisonous?

If you’re wondering if the spider you spot in your house is poisonous and dangerous, there are some ways to find it out:

Their habitat

Spiders that are poisonous prefer to find a habitat in areas where people don’t look into or visit frequently.

These creatures tend to hang out in undisturbed corners and edges, crevices, mailboxes, sheds, garages, and also in basements or cellars. So check the dark sites on your property regularly to make sure this is not happening.

They build their webs in recessed areas and once you come across these webs or the spiders themselves, contact a pest control professional to have them removed.

Body markings and colors

Typically, poisonous animals are brightly colored by nature and, in the case of spiders, they possess a few distinct colors and markings on their body.

For example, the female Black Widow is the most easily recognized poisonous spider due to its shiny black exterior, bulb-shaped abdomen, and striking red hourglass-shaped markings on the underside.

On the other hand, the Brown Recluse, which is another poisonous spider found in Georgia, is more difficult to identify because of its dull color.

These are the features that enable you to know what spider is poisonous and which is not.

If you are unsure or worried about the spider in your home being dangerous, call our expert team at American Pest Control to discuss the removal of this pest. Also, if you have a persistent spider problem, get in touch with us today and we can help you handle the spider infestation with our residential and commercial pest control services in Georgia.

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