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Can Roaches Get In Through Your Air Conditioning?


Cockroaches in Northeast Georgia are some of the most common bugs that can make their way into an air conditioning unit. And if they do, they are likely to cause many serious problems.

The damage they might cause to your air conditioner can be costly. Some of the damage done to the AC unit could involve wires that are eaten through, filters or air intake vents that are blocked by the nests, or contamination due to droppings and shed skin.

The growing roach population can eventually spill out into your main home, spreading its colony into the walls, ceiling, and vents. Therefore, it is important to remove any cockroaches from your air conditioning system as soon as you spot them.

How Do Cockroaches Get In Through Your Window Air Conditioning?

As roaches can squeeze through the smallest gap, they can get into the AC unit as well. It is very easy for roaches and other insects to find their way into your AC system and then your home.

The appliance itself is appealing to these pests. Because the window AC is exposed to the outside world and because of the specific design of the unit which serves as a highway, cockroaches can easily get in through into your home.

Aircon vents on the exterior of the home give them an easy access point into your home because the exterior vents connect to the air ducts inside. Once they get in, air ducts let these insects work their way through the entire house unnoticed.

Cockroaches can come through a window AC usually due to its seal not being tight enough. Even though the AC unit has accordion-style fins on either side to help seal it, these are almost never airtight. The unit itself has large holes to let the air through but can also potentially let a bug through.

Cockroaches can also enter the AC system through the condensate drain pipe. The water from your air conditioner drain pan may attract roaches as well. The unit expels water to the outside of your house, which creates moisture that could draw the insects in.

Can Cockroaches Live In Air Conditioners?

Cockroaches like the AC units as they provide an ideal living space for them. AC units and HVAC systems offer a nice, cozy home for critters.

Pests are always in search of water and food, and the AC unit may have a food source inside it. The appliance works by sucking in air from the inside of a house. If the air filters are not cleaned regularly and contain dirt that gets trapped in the filter, they can offer food to cockroaches. Roaches are omnivorous, which means they can consume almost any organic matter. Your dirty air filter may contain dust, hair, and dry skin, to name a few.

AC units also provide a moist environment and an open source of water.

The air conditioning process generates heat, which cockroaches are attracted to. During the cold months, these pests can gain more energy from the generated heat. In hot weather, roaches will seek out your air conditioner as a comfortable place to cool off from the extreme heat.

The interior of the appliance is secluded and dark, which makes it a safe haven. Cockroaches love dark and enclosed spaces and they can find plenty of them inside the AC unit. If your AC is more active, it provides better, more consistent shelter.

As the units are usually connected to thermostats, the temperature is not being changed manually too often. This is convenient for the pests as this way they won’t be disturbed, allowing them to roam and reproduce freely.

Under such favorable conditions, you can expect the cockroach population to explode.

Will A Cold AC Kill Roaches?

In general, cockroaches don’t like the cold at all. They are cold-blooded creatures that don’t thrive too well in extremely cold conditions.

They always slow down at cooler temperatures and may even go into a hibernation-like state if the temperature drops below freezing. In that case, they will starve and eventually die. That’s why they prefer to nestle in the warm areas of the AC unit.

Therefore, if your air conditioner is set below 77°F, it is too cold for roaches and they will head off to seek a warmer place somewhere else. Since they hate cold air, it’s advisable to set your thermostat to cool below 77°F. Lower indoor temperatures will help repel cockroaches in your Northeast Georgia home. Turning up the AC may not reduce your electricity bills but at least your home will be cockroach-free.

Also, if you notice an increase in roach numbers, you may want to turn up your AC to get rid of them. In such a case, know that a cold AC unit that’s set at 20°F for 1 hour will kill them because it shuts down their entire system.

There are different methods of dealing with cockroaches in your AC unit and keeping them from coming into your home. The easiest solutions involve installing air vent filters and mesh screens that cover the entire vent, sealing any visible cracks along the ductwork, caulking all the gaps, clearing any water leaks, and keeping the AC tuned up and regularly cleaned.

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