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Bed Bug Control In Greensboro: Essential Steps For Elimination

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Today’s article will be about bed bug control in Greensboro, both in terms of professional control and the steps you can take on your own to make sure that you won’t have to deal with another infestation in the future. Unlike many other pests, bed bugs need us, so it makes sense that they target places where people live. Because they want to stay inside as long as possible, they’ve also gotten very good at hiding inside our homes, making it that much more difficult to remove them. 

But there’s good news at the end of the day, which is that professional pest control experts know exactly how to remove bed bugs, all of them. But that’s enough preamble. Let’s get to talking about bed bug control.  

Visual Clues: Identifying Bed Bugs By Appearance

If you’re unsure whether you have an infestation, you might ask yourself, ‘What do bed bugs in Greensboro look like?’ And that’s okay. Many folks just haven’t encountered bed bugs before. We’ve got you covered. 

First, bed bugs are very small, just a couple of millimeters long, a fraction of an inch. They are pale red-brown and can also be translucent in their nymph stages, meaning you can see through them a little bit. 

You can also tell a bed bug based on where they hide. Bed bugs really like soft surfaces like curtains, upholstered furniture, sheets, and mattresses. They’re likely to hide in folds, seams, and other areas that don’t leave them out in the open. 

This goes beyond their appearance, of course, but if you’re still not quite sure whether you have bed bugs, bites are another important piece of evidence. Bed bugs like to feed at night, leaving small, red bites on areas of exposed skin. 

Unwanted Guests: Common Causes Of Bed Bug Infestations

When it comes to reducing the risk of future infestations, it’s very important to understand what causes bed bugs. In terms of why bed bugs invade homes, the answer is simple – they need to eat to grow and survive. But more importantly, they get into homes by sneaking their way in, hanging onto belongings, hiding in the furniture you decide to bring inside, or migrating from another room in the same building. 

Once they’re inside, cluttered conditions make it easier for them to hide, feed, and reproduce, so regular cleaning can at least mitigate an active infestation. But in general, bed bug infestations are hard to get rid of, and it’s a good idea to ask for some help. 

Professional Bed Bug Control: Call In The Experts Right Away

The answer to your bed bug problems is professional bed bug control. If you’ve seen any signs of bed bugs inside your home, then it’s time to call for help. There’s no use in waiting around for the problem to get even worse. 

You can also contact a pest control company if you’d like an inspection of your home to be absolutely sure that you don’t have bed bugs. 

Because bed bugs are so good at hiding and so small to begin with, pest control pros receive special training and use special equipment to ensure all bed bugs are removed from the premises. What’s more, we can do this quicker and more efficiently than the average person can on their own. 

Long-Term Bed Bug Prevention: Tips To Prevent Reinfestation

On the topic of how to prevent bed bugs from invading your home in the first place, we’ve gathered some essential prevention tips for you to keep in mind. These include:

  • Don’t bring secondhand furniture or other objects into your home until you’ve thoroughly inspected them.  
  • Clean regularly, especially upholstery and linens. 
  • When you come home from traveling, air your bags out before bringing them inside. 
  • Checked packed clothing for signs of insects.
  • Keep your bags off the floor and away from other people's belongings when in public spaces.  

If you or someone you know is in need of bed bug control in Greensboro, feel free to contact American Pest Control today.

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