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Tips Clayton Residents Can Use To Avoid Bed Bugs

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Many people notice bed bugs after the infestation happens and has spread. Bed bug bites can appear as a series of raised, red welts in a line on your arms and legs. Perhaps, you’ve also reddish-brown stains (droppings) or small, white bed bug eggs along the edge of the mattress that signals a need for bed bug control.

At American Pest Control, we urge residents to look for Clayton, GA pest control services as soon as they notice the early signs of bed bugs. To effectively banish bed bugs for good, you need to understand where bed bugs hide and learn how to prevent them from entering the home in the first place.

When Do Bed Bugs Become A Problem Around Clayton?

Bed bug control in Clayton becomes a need for residents from the first bite. Bed bugs seek out warm temperatures with an accessible food source that makes bedrooms the ideal home for these pests. 

With just one blood meal, a bed bug can start its development, and males and females only need to feed once every two weeks. Once mature, female bed bugs can lay up to three eggs a day and up to 500 eggs in their lifetime. That means there’s often little time to notice bed bugs before the infestation has become out of control.

How Bed Bugs Get Into Homes

Bed bugs often hitchhike from public places and residential properties to enter your home. If you travel, bed bugs can stow away in your luggage. They can also come with a used furniture purchase, which is why you should always purchase a mattress brand-new. Bed bugs quickly spread in large apartment complexes and hotels, even if your space doesn’t have them initially.

If you find a bed bug while away from home, notify those who have the authority to lead pest control efforts. A single bug is a nuisance, but signs of droppings, exoskeletons, and bites may mean that bed bugs are breeding—and that an infestation has started. The most certain way to get rid of bed bugs permanently is to seek out Clayton pest control services, and the next best solution is avoiding bed bugs before an infestation happens.

Five Tips You Can Use To Avoid Bed Bugs

There are practical prevention tips you can implement in place of frantically searching for bed bug control techniques for your home. Prevent an infestation before it starts by avoiding bed bugs with these five tips:

  1. Inspect Hotel Rooms: Always thoroughly inspect your hotel room or vacation rental for bed bugs, especially the mattress, headboard, and bedding.
  2. Keep Your Luggage Off The Floor: When staying in a hotel or using public transportation, never place your suitcase directly on the floor. Contact with the floor can make it easier for bed bugs to crawl inside.
  3. Check Items Thoroughly: If you thrift clothing and furniture, always check the items thoroughly for signs of bed bugs, such as shed exoskeletons clinging to the fabric. It’s best to purchase beds and upholstered furniture new when possible. When traveling, always inspect your room before settling in.
  4. Wash/Dry Clothes On High Heat: After returning home from a trip, launder all your clothes in hot water and dry them on high heat. This will kill any bed bugs you may have picked up on your travels.
  5. Use Protective Bed Covers: Since bed bugs typically feed while people sleep, invest in a mattress and box spring cover to protect your mattress from an infestation.

These practical tips can make it far less likely that you will experience a bed bug infestation. Read on to learn what to do if you do have the bad luck of finding bed bugs in Clayton.

Why To Call American Pest Control If Bed Bugs Are Biting

People are often awoken by itchy red welts from bed bug bites during the night and may wonder how to find bed bugs during the day—especially when getting any sleep during a bed bug infestation is nearly impossible. Prevention and protection are the best methods to keep bed bugs out of the home. 

However, getting rid of bed bugs for good once you have them is best left to the Clayton, GA pest control professionals when these pests start biting. It takes just one blood meal to start the life cycle, and a female bed bug can lay up to three eggs a day, leading to an infestation fast. Bed bugs can go months without feeding, so DIY solutions may look like they work at first, until the bites begin again.

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