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How Hartwell Residents Can Avoid Summer Stingers

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When you think about pest control in Hartwell, GA, the first thing you think of probably isn't stinging insects. It's probably rats, roaches, or something else that is a year-round problem. However, in the summer, you have to think about stinging insects because certain species can ruin a lot more than your day. 

When Do Wasps & Stinging Insects Become Active Around Hartwell?

Most of the time, bees and wasps become active once spring has sprung. In our area, this is around mid-April to early May. The stinging insect season in our area typically lasts from April to around October, with many of these insects becoming more hostile and aggressive as the summer wears on and they begin to prepare for winter. 

Depending on the species, you may start to notice stinging insects becoming hostile much earlier in the year. In fact, some species of stinging insects are aggressive pretty much every day they're active. Yellow jackets and hornets are especially infamous for stinging at the drop of a hat, which is why controlling stinging insects in Hartwell is so vital. 

Tips Hartwell Residents Can Use To Minimize Stinging Insect Activity

The fact that stinging insects can fly and typically nest outside makes them some of the hardest pests to exclude from your property. It doesn't matter how many window screens you put on your house if the bees are setting up shop in a tree branch that's 20 feet over the roof and then descending to buzz around your yard and sting you. 

The good news is there are some things you can do to make your home less attractive to bees and wasps:

  • Get rid of the sweet-smelling, high-nectar flowers they prefer.
  • Harvest fruits from trees and veggies from your garden before they fall to the ground. 
  • Keep your garbage covered to deter scavenging wasps like yellow jackets. 
  • Plant herbs stinging insects hate, like basil, citronella, and mint. 
  • Eliminate other sweet-smelling things in your yard like hummingbird feeders. 

These measures can go a long way toward making your home a less attractive place for bees and wasps, which can encourage them to move on. 

Why Stinging Insects Should Be Left To The Professionals

Some types of stinging insects are docile and disinclined to sting even if you bother them. Some types of stinging insects, however, will mount violent and prolonged attacks on anything they perceive as a threat. Some species may even chase you short distances if you try to eliminate their nests from your property.

This is why stinging insect control should always be left to the professionals. Here at American Pest Control, we have all the safety gear necessary to eliminate stinging insect varieties without endangering ourselves or anyone on your property. We can get rid of even the most aggressive stinging insect species, so you don't have to risk your safety trying to eliminate infestations on your own. 

When Is It Time To Call For Professional Stinging Insect Treatment?

It's time to call professionals virtually anytime you get an infestation of stinging insects in Georgia. It can be difficult for untrained home and business owners to tell what species of stinging pests they are looking at. You might be looking at a docile honeybee or an aggressive yellow jacket.

Furthermore, almost any stinging insect species can become aggressive when you are actively trying to remove it from your property. This is why it's best to call the pros here at American Pest Control anytime you need stinging insect control. It's just not worth the risk of triggering violent attacks that leave you with dozens or even hundreds of stings. 

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