Nuptial Flight: Ants & Termites

carpenter ant

Termites…the arch-nemesis of homes all across America. In the South, we have a saying that goes, “it’s not if you will get termites, but when”.  Although termites in Georgia live underground  ground, every spring, swarmer termites take flight in search of new places to put down roots. Swarmer termites are the reproductive members of a termite colony and have wings. These invaders typically emerge when the temperatures reach 70 degrees after a good rain. Female swarmers send out a pheromone to attract a male. Once they have found each other, they break off their wings. This symbolizes to the rest of the termite world that they are a couple and will be taking their places as king and queen of a new colony.

Termites are not alone in this nuptial flight. Ants also have winged reproductive that head out in search of a new home. There are differences, however. Swarming termites have straight antennae, a broad waist, and wings equal in size. In contrast, flying ants have elbowed antennae, a jointed waist, and unequal wings. Termite swarmers in Georgia usually appear in early spring, while flying ants hang back a little and make their debut closer to summer.

If you see either of these winged bachelors and bachelorettes in or around your home, you could have a fully functioning colony nearby. Contact a pest professional to ID the pest, provide solutions to protect your Georgia home, and give you peace of mind with effective residential termite solutions.

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I recently had Patrick out to service my house, after having a horrible experience with a local company and being completely left in the dark after their initial service. Patrick did a great taking care of my house with results that were visible in only a handful of days. He was also incredibly personable and friendly.

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We have used APC’s services for many years & have been very pleased with every technician. Their level of knowledge & expertise is greatly appreciated because your home is your biggest investment. APC has always helped us resolve any issue that come up with pests & the potential they have to damage our property.  Thank you!

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James is super knowledgeable, honest (told me to make sure I wasn’t already paying someone else for termite service before contracting with APC) and thorough.  His inspection took about 30 mins and he found the source of our ants in the crawl space.  Was super impressed and think they are good value for what you get.

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