Fire Ant

Fire Ant Management

American Pest Control utilizes fire ant baiting technology to ensure the complete removal of fire ant colonies from around your home. Fire Ants are a common pest problem in Northeast Georgia, and the surrounding areas. These stinging pests get their name from the venom injected by a stinger that leaves a burning sensation followed by tiny, itching bites. Fire Ants are very aggressive and swarm over anything that disturbs their nests, which can be an unpleasant surprise if accidently stumbled upon. If you find a fire ant mound on your property do not disturb it and keep all children and pets a safe distance away from the mound. Call a American Pest Control to set up a fire ant removal and control program to properly treat the existing fire ant mounds and prevent future mounds from forming. The most common fire ant species seen in Northeast Georgia are the southern fire ant, the tropical fire ant and the red imported fire ant. Learn more about fire ants in our Pest Facts section.

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American Pest Control's Fire Ant treatment services are completed on a quarterly basis. Every three months we use a baiting technique that effectively removes these harmful pests from homes and yards. Remember; do not disturb a fire ant mound if one is found on your property!

The American Pest Control fire ant removal procedure includes:

  • 1.An American Pest Control technician will distribute fire ant bait throughout the effected area.
  • 2.Fire ants forage for food in the area taking the bait back to the colony.
  • 3.The product is then used as a food source for the ants, resulting in colony elimination.

Although fire ants are a common pest problem in Northeast Georgia, with a proper treatment service performed by our trained technician, they can be effectively and easily removed.


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