Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are no stranger to the Northeast Georgia, area, affecting residents from as early as March and nearly the rest of the year if temperatures stay warm. That is why American Pest Control created the "No-Squito" program to provide mosquito reduction and protection for our valued clients.

Our mosquito control program protects our client's homes in two ways, by reducing current mosquito populations and preventing new mosquito populations from affecting your home. In Georgia, March through October are the prime months for mosquito activity and mosquito control in home and yard is crucial to protect your family from the risk of disease. Learn more about mosquitoes and how to eliminate mosquitoes in our Pest Facts section.

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Mosquito Treatment

Our mosquito prevention program services clients monthly from March to October. Our treatment procedure includes:

  • 1.A licensed mosquito control technician will inspect the area each month to locate breeding sites. The technician will eliminate and/or treat the identified breeding sites with a larvacide which eliminates mosquito larvae in water where they breed.
  • 2.The technician then treats resting areas of adult mosquito populations to help suspend further breeding. Resting areas usually include tree lines, bushes, shrubs, tall grass areas and other growth areas.

Protect the Ones you Love!