New Construction

New Construction Pre-Treatment

Whether you're a contractor or building your dream home, American Pest Control can protect your new construction project from termites and other wood destroying pests before the foundation is even poured.

Pre-construction termite treatment, also referred to as a pretreat, ensures that your new home is treated against termites during the initial construction process. A new construction termite pre-treatment establishes a liquid barrier against termites before the footing of a construction project is poured. After the construction and landscaping is complete another liquid barrier is sprayed around the home enabling maximum termite protection.

Another option for new construction termite protection is the installation of the Sentricon® Colony Elimination system with Always Active technology.

Our new construction treatment automatically establishes a lifetime termite warranty for the property that can be transferred to another owner of the property. A pre-construction termite pre-treatment ensures that a development is protected from subterranean termites from the very beginning.


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