Quarterly Pest Management

Quarterly Pest Management

American Pest Control's Quarterly Pest Management program services our client's homes every three months for monitoring and upkeep using integrated pest management techniques.

Quarterly Pest Management protects your home from many of the pests that are common to the northeast Georgia area. Our program is based on American Pest Control's knowledge of the biological factors associated with pests, along with seasonal trends.

Pests Prevented

The Quarterly Pest Management service is guaranteed to control all household crawling pests, including but not limited to:

Integrated Pest Management

American Pest Control's Quarterly Pest Management program employs Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. IPM is the most effective and comprehensive approach to pest eradication and prevention offered in today's market, proven by the NPMA and other professional pest management organizations. Our Integrated Pest Management approach successfully produces a pest-free environment without having to rely totally on traditional pest control products.

*IPM is a policy in the pest management industry that allows for a more effective and more environmentally friendly pest control regimen. By first inspecting, then identifying the problem, our technicians are better able to understand and treat every client's home more effectively.

Trust Our Certified and Trained Pest Professionals

All of American Pest Control technicians must pass the state required testing and training criteria, and must undergo our company's rigorous pest training curriculum prior to being American Pest Control certified. Our pest control technicians also meet monthly for continuing education courses to stay up-to-date with seasonal trends and new pest management methods.

Treatment Steps
  • 1.Inspection of the property.
  • 2.Identification of problems or conditions conducive to future pest problems.
  • 3.Treatment:
    • Outside- Treat perimeter with a 4-5 foot radius, providing a barrier to prevent pests from entering the home.
    • Inside- Products only placed in areas that will best serve in reducing or eliminating pests from home.
  • 4.Recommendation and Education- Technicians will give clients recommendations if they find a condition conducive to pest problems, i.e. "harboring areas" Also, technicians will notify clients about any pests that are present, what to expect and look for after treatment
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