Wood Infestation Report

American Pest Control can give realtors and potential home buyers peace of mind by taking advantage of our Wood Infestation Inspection Reports. These inspections cover all wood destroying pests and organisms, including subterranean termites, powder post beetles, wood boring beetles, dry wood termites and wood decaying fungus.

A Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report will alert a potential home buyer of any infestation while also assessing if there is an existing termite warranty active for the property. If there is a warranty on the property it can be transferred at no charge to the new owner. Additionally, any active problems found during the wood infestation inspection will be reported and an estimate for treatment will be provided.

Having a home inspected for termites and other wood destroying organisms will save you from potential issues in the future while instilling confidence that your new investment is termite free. Additionally, a WIR clearance letter is an essential asset for realtors in the home selling process to ensure a smooth real estate transaction.


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