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Valentine’s Day is for Love…Bugs

bed bug

February is the month for love…but not for love bugs. Did you know that love bugs are a real thing? Love bugs don’t bite, sting, or transmit diseases and they are not poisonous. They are only active in the daylight and are much less mobile during the early and late daytime hours.

Love bugs’ mating season lasts about 4 weeks in May & September. Typically, two main generations occur during this time, but the insects can be seen throughout the summer. You may recognize them as the pesky bugs who end up all over your windshield and front bumper!

Love bugs’ mating process actually takes hours, thus you see most of them stuck together while flying. They mate frequently during the summer season. Here’s the sad part—the male love bug dies after mating and is dragged around by the female until she lays her eggs. With love like that, who needs enemies!? This is also where they get their nickname: “Honeymoon Flies”.

Love bug adults are attracted to light-colored surfaces, especially if they are freshly painted, but adults congregate almost anywhere apparently reacting to the effects of sunlight on car fumes, asphalt & other products affected by environment factors still not completely understood.

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