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Pest Control In Braselton, GA

Braselton, GA, is a quaint little town with many opportunities, but we do not have to tell you that. If you have lived in this area for long enough, you know there are plenty of things to do and places to see. There are also lots of great commercial and residential real estate options.

Whether you have lived in Braselton, run a business here, or just recently purchased a property, there is one thing you should know; pests are around, and they will cause you trouble if you let them. We say "if you let them" because a lot of pest control relies on you. However, if you want this job to be easy, we highly recommend finding a local pest control company to take care of invasive creatures for you. 

Take a moment today to learn more about residential and commercial pest control in Braselton and discover what our team at American Pest Control has to offer for services, or contact us now if you would like our services immediately. We will walk you through what pest control looks like locally and offer some simple plans to get you started on your way to total pest freedom.

Residential Pest Control In Braselton

braselton ga pest control

Sometimes pests are relatively easy to live with. While you can ignore the occasional spider in your basement or fly in your living room, when these pests start laying eggs, problems begin to speed up, and this is the case for most all local species. 

Most invasive creatures like to invade residential properties to find things like food, water, and places to take shelter. If you do not like the idea of your home being an open invitation for different pests to make homes, we would like to offer some options to stop problems before they start. 

The very best way to prevent an onslaught of pests is by considering a quarterly pest management plan from American Pest Control. Our service involves an Integrated Pest Management approach for protection against common local pests like ants, roaches, centipedes, rodents, fleas, and ticks. 

If you want extra protection from specialty pests like termites or are looking for a simple way to cull an active infestation inside your home, we have options for this as well. Reach out today to learn more about our residential pest control plans.

Commercial Pest Control In Braselton

There should always be a zero-pest policy for pests inside your business. Pests are a problem, plain and simple. They will frighten your employees, threaten your customers, damage property, and get into trouble in many other ways. Thankfully, there are dedicated options to stop invasive species at the door. We are talking about a customized commercial pest control plan. 

All our commercial plans begin with a thorough inspection of your business facility and the property around it. We will identify what species are trying to or might try to invade and create a custom treatment plan to address existing threats and keep out future invaders. 

If you are looking for termite control, we have two options; Sentricon® and Termidor®. It all comes down to what level of protection you are looking for and what you are currently up against. 

Contact our qualified team or check out our commercial pest control service pages to discover more about our offerings and find one that will suit your needs.

How To Keep Flies Out Of Your Braselton Business

Having flies buzzing around is not good for business. As you might already know, these pests are annoying. What you might not know is that flies can be dangerous. 

Many local species of flies can pick up and transmit harmful bacteria and other sickness-causing organisms. So, what can you do to stop these pests? You have two options. 

If you are not yet ready to invest in professional pest control to combat these pests, your first option is to implement some DIY prevention strategies. Here are five to consider:

  1. Seal up all gaps, holes, and cracks around your home's exterior foundation.
  2. Make sure your doors and windows are not damaged and have weatherstripping around them to seal them properly.
  3. Invest in trash cans that have tight-fitting lids, and do your best to keep indoor and outdoor bins clean.
  4. Store your leftovers, pet food, and pantry items inside airtight containers.
  5. Address moisture issues as they arise inside or around your home. 

Because flies are such small pests, they usually have no trouble getting indoors. Your second option to conquer flies is to hire our team. American Pest Control offers amazing fly control options to address existing infestations and combat future problems before they start. Talk with one of our dedicated service professionals today to discover more about our advanced offerings. 

Why Homes In Braselton Need Professional Mosquito & Tick Control

When you go outside, do you worry about being bitten by bugs? Bug bites are a legitimate concern for many homeowners here in Braselton. We do not want you to avoid your yard because of preventable pests like mosquitoes and ticks. You paid for your property. You should be able to enjoy it any time. 

One great way to make sure you are able to enjoy your property any time you want is to invest in a yard pest control plan for mosquitoes and ticks. By utilizing advanced products and treatment strategies, we can make your yard and home inaccessible and unattractive to these local biting pests. 

Our services will help you avoid painful bites and the diseases that sometimes accompany them. To learn more about our mosquito and tick control, reach out to our dedicated team of professionals. One of our universal technicians will answer any questions you might have about our methods and treatments and schedule an appointment that works for you to treat your property. 

At American Pest Control, we have solutions to pests and will tirelessly work to find you the freedom from pests you deserve. 

How You Can Keep Fire Ants Off Your Lawn In Braselton

If you've been dealing with fire ants on your lawn, it's time to learn some effective and efficient ways to stop them in their tracks! That way, you can avoid multiple bites. They'll bite to defend their mound nests. If you or your loved ones happen to be allergic to insect venom, it could be an unpleasant and potentially medically relevant experience. Avoiding this scenario can be as easy as calling American Pest Control to schedule an appointment for fire ant control in Braselton.

Schedule a complimentary inspection of your property with our local experts today. Our universal technicians are here to remove mound nests and fire ant populations in the safest possible way. Rely on our team of trusted professionals, and you'll never need to worry about getting bitten by trying to remove nests yourself.

American Pest Control can safely and effectively rid your life of fire ants. Learn more about our process by contacting us for a free inspection. 

Reach out today; we'll get rid of your property's fire ant infestation fast.

Are There Dangerous Spiders In Braselton?

While there are thousands of species of spiders, only a few are truly dangerous, and only one of those is common in Braselton. The brown recluse is the spider you'll want to watch out for in this area. If you think you see one, you'll be able to identify it by its relatively small, tan to dark brown body and distinctive, dark, fiddle-shaped mark on the cephalothorax (the part of the body where the legs attach). Brown recluse spiders love to spend time outside under rocks and piles of debris. Indoors, you'll find them in boxes, under papers, within clothing, and inside crevices where they can hide.

While the bites of brown recluse spiders can be dangerous, especially for those allergic to insect venom, they won't bite you unless disturbed. If you're going to clean out your attic, you might want to wear gloves! If you find a significant population on your property, American Pest Control is always here to help with the best service available for spider control in Braselton.

You'll also likely find house spiders and wolf spiders on your property, but they're far from dangerous. That said, having these creepy insects crawling around is never comfortable. We're here to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve by removing the spiders on your property.

We'll protect you and your loved ones from potential spider bites. You can count on us to get the job done right every time. Our local small company has protected homes, health, and property since 1971, so spiders are no match for our methods! Reach out to us to schedule your free spider inspection today.

Rodents 101: Biology, Behaviors, And Dangers

If you're dealing with a rodent infestation, you might be confused about the species you see—and you're not alone! There are plenty of rodent species in this area. That's why we've put together this quick "Rodent 101" guide that you can use to learn which type might be on your property.

Norway rats are the largest rodents you'll find in the area. If you're seeing relatively significant property damage, these are probably the culprits responsible. They have coarse brown and black fur, and you'll typically find them nesting in attics.

Speaking of attics, roof rats are also common in Braselton. They're smaller than Norway rats but can still cause obvious property damage. They'll contaminate any food they get into and can even carry and transmit diseases. You'll find them nesting in the upper areas of properties or in trees.

House mice are the most common rodents you could find on your property. They're a dusty gray color with white bellies. You're probably dealing with house mice if you find gnaw marks, droppings, burrows, and damaged food products. You'll hear them come out at night, running from their nests in dark, undisturbed areas.

White-footed mice can carry hantavirus, a disease you shouldn't ignore. They love finding a way into properties in rural areas when colder weather hits. If these critters do infiltrate, first you need to get rid of them, then you must perform exclusionary steps to prevent further invasions.

Deer mice can also carry hantavirus. These rodents often infiltrate suburban homes near the woods. They sport a distinctive reddish-brown colored fur that distinguishes them from their white-footed counterparts. They're likely to damage belongings and stored food in order to feed and nest.

No matter which type you're dealing with, American Pest Control is here to help you with rodent control in Braselton. Let us give you peace of mind by being the remedy to your property's rodent infestation. Call to schedule your free inspection today!

What Attracts Wasps To Braselton Homes And Commercial Properties?

If you're seeing wasps flying around your property, it's time to call American Pest Control for wasp control in Braselton. Whether you own a residential or commercial property in the area, wasps aren't fun when they're flying around. We're here and ready to help remove wasp nests safely so you can return to comfortably enjoying time outside!

Once we've gotten rid of the current wasp issue with our professional services, it's time to take matters into your own hands. Let's learn what attracts wasps to properties in Braselton so you can stop future issues

Wasps in Braselton love warm spots to build nests and places with plenty of insects to eat. Other nourishing resources for wasps that could attract them include leftover meat, sweet food and drinks, and fruits. Wasps love flowers and floral prints, so if your patio furniture is patterned this way, it could be why wasps keep bothering you while you're trying to relax! Sweet-smelling fragrances can also encourage wasps.

Contact American Pest Control and restore your peace of mind by safely getting rid of the wasps on your property. We're only a call away, so give us a call today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

I recently had Patrick out to service my house, after having a horrible experience with a local company and being completely left in the dark after their initial service. Patrick did a great taking care of my house with results that were visible in only a handful of days. He was also incredibly personable and friendly.

William W

We have used APC’s services for many years & have been very pleased with every technician. Their level of knowledge & expertise is greatly appreciated because your home is your biggest investment. APC has always helped us resolve any issue that come up with pests & the potential they have to damage our property.  Thank you!

Sandra W

James is super knowledgeable, honest (told me to make sure I wasn’t already paying someone else for termite service before contracting with APC) and thorough.  His inspection took about 30 mins and he found the source of our ants in the crawl space.  Was super impressed and think they are good value for what you get.

Eadaoin W

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