Commercial Mosquito

Commercial Mosquito Control

If your business operates outdoors mosquitoes are a pest that you definitely do not want disturbing customers or employees. Through proper treatment and protection mosquitoes do not have to be a problem for your business.

Mosquito season in Georgia can start as early as March and go nearly the rest of the year if temperatures are warm. June through September are the prime months in most areas. Most mosquito bites take place in the hours between dusk and dawn, however; there are some species that are active during the day. Learn more about mosquitoes and mosquito control in our learning center.

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American Pest Control's mosquito prevention program services clients monthly from March to October. Our mosquito treatment procedures include:

  • 1.A licensed technician will inspect the area each month to locate breeding sites. The mosquito exterminator will eliminate or treat the identified breeding sites with a larvacide which kills mosquito larvae in water where they can breed.
  • 2.The technician then treats the resting areas of any adult mosquito populations to help eliminate further breeding. Resting areas usually include tree lines, bushes, scrubs, tall grass areas and other growth areas. This treatment is done using a blower mister.

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