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How many times do you think about pests on a day-to-day basis? If invasive creatures have taken over your home or business, you might think about them all the time. For many, pests are a source of great stress. For others, they are a nuisance that they have learned to avoid. 

Regardless of how you feel on the matter, it is important that you understand that pests are a problem, and you should avoid them as much as possible. If you are seeking an answer to pest problems here in Augusta, GA, here are some things you should consider about residential and commercial pest control as well as some quick facts about a few common species in our area. 

Reach out to our team at American Pest Control if you would like our assistance handling an active infestation inside your home or business. We will run you through your options for pest control in Augusta and help you discover simple strategies to combat invasive creatures locally.

Residential Pest Control In Augusta

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Finding a home that will benefit your life is sometimes challenging. Maintaining interior spaces after you have purchased a place to live is even more difficult. One thing that often threatens homeowners and homes locally is pests. 

Many different types of pests can be a big problem for residents in Augusta. Some kinds, like ants and moths, are mostly annoying. Others, like rodents and cockroaches, are dangerous and destructive. Sometimes it is difficult to know if the pests inside or around your home are a big problem. One thing we do at American Pest Control is to help locals understand their pest risks by providing access to our advanced inspection services. 

An inspection is the first step in any of our service visits as it helps us find out what pest pressures are active on a property and design a treatment protocol that will work best to cull the issue at hand. Once we know what you are up against, we will recommend a service option that best meets your needs. 

Reach out to our team of dedicated pest control professionals today to start a dialog about our residential pest control options and help us help you find freedom from common and uncommon home pests here in Augusta.

Commercial Pest Control In Augusta

A local business is only as strong as its leadership. Without a proper foundation, any establishment will fail. If you are working hard to keep your business afloat, we would like to support you in this. We can help by providing you with unmatched commercial pest control services. 

Having a pest problem on your commercial property can quickly lead to serious trouble. In the best-case scenario, your customers notice bugs in your lobby and decide to leave and not come back. Worst case scenario, termites chew their way into your structural wood, causing severe damage, or cockroaches spread disease-causing organisms and get one of your clients or employees sick. 

At American Pest Control, we are in the business of helping local business owners avoid both the minor and serious issues that pests present. Let us visit you today to determine what pests you are up against. We will implement some long-term treatment options and monitor the situation to best adjust for changes in local pest pressures. 

Contact us now to talk to our team about commercial pest control and find out how nice life is when you don't have to worry about pests in your business.

How To Keep Mosquitoes & Ticks Out Of Your Lawn In Augusta

Your lawn and property are extensions of your home. You paid for them; you may as well be able to use them. Unfortunately, fleas and ticks exist on local properties all over Augusta. 

These pests love our area and have a nasty habit of biting locals. Mosquitoes take quick draws of blood, while ticks will feed over the course of 36 hours. Despite their differences in their approach to feeding, both these pests pose similar problems due to their bites. These problems mostly include the chance of transmitting diseases. 

To keep these pests off your property, you have two options. The first option is to eliminate sources of moisture buildup around your yard and keep up with trimming your grass and landscaping. These types of DIY prevention methods are helpful but will not provide guaranteed protection. 

To really avoid fleas and ticks, you will want help from our professionals at American Pest Control. We deeply understand these yard pests and offer great seasonal and year-round options to combat these local species. 

Call American Pest Control today to learn what over 50 years of pest control experience looks like when applied to your pest problems.

Why Augusta Businesses Need Professional Mosquito & Tick Control

Yard pests are not just a problem for homeowners. Many local pests here in Augusta can cause huge issues for commercial properties as well. 

Two common pest threats you should be aware of are mosquitoes and ticks. Mosquitoes are generally annoying and make outdoor spaces feel uncomfortable. They are especially problematic if you serve food outdoors or have outdoor spaces for your clients and employees. Ticks are less noticeable at first but can cause quite a bit of distress when you find them with their heads buried under your skin. 

Both mosquitoes and ticks are especially problematic because of their ability to carry and transmit blood-borne diseases. Although less common in the United States, outbreaks can sometimes spread sicknesses such as malaria, West Nile virus, and tularemia. 

In order to avoid the chance of your customers or employees ending up with an illness due to the mosquitoes on your commercial property, it is best to have some form of pest control in place. We'd be more than happy to discuss our advanced commercial yard pest control with you today. 

Contact our team at American Pest Control to discover more about our methods for controlling mosquitoes and ticks. We will answer any questions you have and help you schedule an appointment for your Augusta business property.

Types Of Ants Found Around Augusta

Around Augusta, you can find several common ant species. They often have different characteristics, making them relatively easy to identify. Here are some of the most likely species to invade your home:

  • Argentine ants: Prevalent in the region, this species is usually tiny and dark brown. They form extensive colonies and have a sweet tooth. They often invade our homes looking for food.
  • Odorous house ants: They emit a distinctive smell when crushed. Some say it resembles the scent of rotten coconut. These ants are brown to black. You can often find them indoors, foraging for sugary foods or water sources.
  • Little black ants: These tiny, black ants form expansive colonies outdoors and indoors. They are opportunistic feeders. They can be a nuisance when they invade your home, and you need swift ant pest control services to eliminate them.
  • Acrobat ants: You can recognize them by their heart-shaped abdomen. They prefer nesting in decaying wood outside but can also venture indoors to feed on sweets and proteins.
  • Fire ants: These aggressive reddish-brown ants inflict painful stings that can turn into itchy welts. They build easy-to-spot large mounds outdoors.

These ant species exhibit diverse behaviors, but regardless of the type in your home, they can become disruptive and challenging pests to eradicate.

Some management strategies typically involve reducing food sources, sealing entry points, and fixing moisture issues to deter them. If your ant infestation worsens, American Pest Control can help manage their populations effectively. Call us today to get started.

How To Deter Wasps And Other Stinging Insects In Augusta

Wasps, the stinging insects known for building paper-like nests, can cause many problems. The following tips can help deter them and other stinging insects in the Augusta area.

Keep your yard and patio clean and free of food waste. Wasps love sugary and protein-rich foods; tightly seal your trash cans and clean up spills promptly to avoid attracting them. Keep garbage bins away from your home, and cover your food and drinks with lids or screens to prevent wasps from invading them.

Also, avoid wearing strong perfumes or scented lotions outside; their scents can attract stinging insects. Instead, consider planting wasp-repelling vegetation around your property, like mint, basil, and citronella. Remember to trim them and other plants, as they can provide nesting sites for stinging insects.

And finally, seal all entry points to avoid ending up with a wasp infestation inside your house. Regularly inspect it for gaps that could serve as entry points for wasps and fill them to prevent them from establishing nests inside.

If you discover a wasp nest on your property, consult the American Pest Control experts, as stinging insects can become aggressive when their nests are disturbed. We can safely remove it for you and recommend effective prevention strategies, like safe wasp nest removal, to keep these invasive pests away for good.

What You Can Do To Prevent Rodents Getting Into Your Augusta Home

Preventing rodents from entering your Augusta home can be challenging. Still, it is possible with the right combination of proactive strategies and professional rodent control techniques. 

Here's what you can do:

  • Seal entry points: Inspect your home for spots that rodents could use to enter. Seal them with caulk, steel wool, or other appropriate materials. Also, close off gaps around utility lines and pipes to prevent scavengers from using these routes.
  • Secure food sources: Store your pantry items in airtight containers, both indoors and outdoors. Keep your pet food in sealed boxes, and avoid leaving it overnight for rodents to access.
  • Keep your trash cans sealed: Proper trash management is essential to effective rodent control. Use secure and tightly sealed garbage bins inside and outside your home—regularly empty them to prevent odors that could attract rodents.
  • Maintain your yard: Trim trees and bushes away from your sidings to eliminate potential pathways for rodents. Keep your yard free of clutter rodents could hide in.
  • Focus on cleanliness and sanitation: Regularly sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors can keep unwanted guests out and deny rodents a food source.
  • Remove clutter: Reduce clutter in your home, especially in basements and attics, as they provide rodent hiding spots.
  • Install screens: They can prevent scavengers from invading through windows and doors while allowing proper ventilation.
  • Schedule regular inspections: Visits from professionals can help identify signs of rodent activity like droppings, gnaw marks, or nests. Tackling an infestation early on can make eliminating it much more manageable.

If you suspect a rodent infestation or are having difficulty preventing rodents from getting into your house, we can help. Call American Pest Control today to schedule your initial assessment with a rodent exterminator and learn about our treatments and prevention strategies.

Why Bed Bug-Infested Homes In Augusta Need Professional Treatment

There are many reasons why a bed bug-infested home requires professional treatments. These unwanted guests are resilient and pose many potential risks to August properties.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate using DIY methods. They can hide in the tiniest cracks and even electrical outlets, making complete eradication a major challenge. Our experts can effectively locate and treat bed bug hiding spots for you.

We can also provide a multi-pronged approach to tackle even the most challenging infestations. Thorough inspections, targeted treatments, and follow-up visits will ensure you address all stages of the bed bug life cycle. They are also essential for preventing reinfestations.

Unfortunately, bed bugs can cause allergic reactions, sleep deprivation, and more. Attempting homemade treatments without the proper knowledge and tools can lead to growing infestations and increased health risks. Also, bed bugs are adept hitchhikers; they can quickly spread to neighboring homes or other areas of your house. Professional treatment can help contain the issue and prevent its expansion.

When you want to expedite the eradication process, contact the pros. Our experts have experience dealing with a wide range of infestations and can tailor all treatment plans based on your specific needs, increasing the chances of successful elimination. We will also ensure we address any lingering issues for year-round protection. 

Dealing with a bed bug infestation can be emotionally taxing. Call us today so you can relax knowing we are handling the situation with the most up-to-date bed bug control in Augusta.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I recently had Patrick out to service my house, after having a horrible experience with a local company and being completely left in the dark after their initial service. Patrick did a great taking care of my house with results that were visible in only a handful of days. He was also incredibly personable and friendly.

William W

We have used APC’s services for many years & have been very pleased with every technician. Their level of knowledge & expertise is greatly appreciated because your home is your biggest investment. APC has always helped us resolve any issue that come up with pests & the potential they have to damage our property.  Thank you!

Sandra W

James is super knowledgeable, honest (told me to make sure I wasn’t already paying someone else for termite service before contracting with APC) and thorough.  His inspection took about 30 mins and he found the source of our ants in the crawl space.  Was super impressed and think they are good value for what you get.

Eadaoin W

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